How to fix “unable to start MS Office or Office is busy” error

Microsoft is considered to be one of the most reputed American Multi-national Company, known all over the globe for their products that has been winning the millions of hearts since decades. The products under Microsoft banner are like software, hardware, and the computers that are manufactured, developed, and upgraded periodically. Office suite is the part of Microsoft Company which is available for home, personal to business and enterprise. For years, Office suites have been upgraded a number of times to implement the Company’s latest technology. The office setup runs on Office 2013 and Office 2016. The Office suite or Office setup or MS-Office is compatible with almost all the devices.

Usually, MS-Office works brilliantly with its excellent features, which satisfies the customer. But sometimes the user may face certain errors related to update, repair, or uninstall Office. The error messages –

“Office is busy. We’re sorry can’t be used right now because Office is busy. We’re either updating or helping you add or remove some programs.”

“Unable to start Office. We couldn’t open Office because we’re updating, adding, or removing programs”.

If you face any such errors as mentioned above, you can try below following steps:

Step 1-You can wait for few minutes and try to open any of the Office apps

Step 2-Restart your system and try again to open any of the Office apps.

Step 3-Try to use this easy fix tool for complete uninstallation of Office. After you’re done with uninstallation, try to re-install the Office setup.

 To uninstall the Office setup, click on the easy fix button

 Select the browser of yours, from the list given to proceed with the steps of how to save and use the easy fix tool.

Step 4-You can also re-install the Office, depending on the version you’re using.

For Office 2013 on a PC, you can follow the below given steps-

Step 1-Visit

Step 2- In the Office My Account page, choose Sign-in or Sign-up according to your convenience and fill up the details as per needed.

Step 3-Select the Install button, from the Install information section. This makes the installation begins with the 32-bit version of Office on your PC. Choose the language, you are comfortable with to redeem the product.

If you choose to install the 64-bit version, choose Office (64-bit) followed by Additional Install options and then select Install.

Step 4-Depending on the browser, you’re using-

Click on the option Run (In Edge or Internet Explorer)

Click on the option Setup (In Chrome)

Click on the option Save File (In Firefox)

Step 5- Select All done, when you get to see “You’re good to go”.

Step 6- Open any of the Office app and try to use it. Sometimes, Office setup gets activated once you start using any Office app and click on the option Accept, to agree to the MS-Office License Agreement.

Please note- The cases can be Office setup gets activated automatically, when you open an app for the first time. If it doesn’t gets activated and see the MS-Office Activation Wizard and follow the prompts to activate Office.

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