How to fix the error encountered after updating Office setup for Mac

 Microsoft Office is a tool on every system that is used more than any other utility on Computers or Macs. Although the applications of work without any hindrance, it sometimes takes longer time than usual.  Apart from the errors generated by Office utility, many times it is your computer or Mac that does not have met the requirements for MS Office compatibility.

An updated of Office Setup 2016 to its 64-bit version for Mac is much essential in order to experience any error. If you have a 32-bit version, possibly the problem is caused by the bit version. Many errors are fixed just by installing Office Setup in Safe Mode Boot on your Mac. Once done with the installation, restart the system.  In another case, your Mac is not compatible with 32-bit add-ons, to fix the error, learn how to fix the error encountered after updating office 2016 for Mac, 62-bit.

Do the installed add-ins have compatibility with Office 2016 for Mac 64-bit?

If you are experiencing any error with your Office setup 2016, it is possible that you have installed the add-ins for your Mac in the year 2016 or back. If so, them most of the common error messages and symptoms you see will be fixed by updating your add-ins. You may any of these messages among the list of 32-bit add-ins causing the issue.

A List of Error messages generated by 32-bit add-ins:

  • When you start any application for Office setup, you see an error message – Compile error in hidden module: ‘<name>’.” The error generally takes place when the code of any Add-in is incomplete or not compatible with the current version, platform, or the architecture of Office 2016 for Mac.
  • In any of the Office setup utility for Mac applications, you find Add-in buttons are either disabled or grayed out.
  • You might also notice that many of the Add-in buttons are missing or not visible on the ribbon in any office tool 2016 for Mac

If any of the messages pop up on the screen, execute the steps below.

How to fix add-ons for Office 2016 for Mac?

Prior to starting the error fixing procedure; confirm that you have 32-bit add-ins in the updated Office setup 2016 for Mac. If so, then disable the add-ins as said in the instructions below:

  1. Close all the Add-ins form Office 2016 on your Mac device by opening Tools
  2. Launch Tools and then go to Templates and Add-ins
  3. Under the section of Global Templates and Add-ins, you will see all the add-ins that a not working properly or giving a poor performance
  4. Mark check in the boxed available or select the add-in to change, or simply close it by pressing the + or – option.
  5. Click OK to proceed
  6. Once done, end the task (close all the running applications) and restart the application

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, restart your Mac and then launch any of the Office setup application.

After you launch an Office application and you don’t find any Office setup error message or code than the compatibility problem has fixed. It is recommended to visit in order to check for available updates for a 64-bit version that is needed to be installed. In case, you don’t find a latest or new version or, or if you don’t wish to use the add-in, leave the settings unmarked.

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