Advanced Security Features added to MS Office 365 Business

With the increase in cyber attacks on both home users and businesses, there has been increased a great demand for the advanced security solutions. According to a survey conducted by the big tech giant, Microsoft, around 71% of the businesses (both small and midsize) have higher chances of being exposed to a cyber attack while 87% have already experienced a data breach.

In the survey, it has been revealed that only 41% of the small and midsize businesses have the ability to remotely take out the data from their devices that have been stolen or lost. Only half of the larger enterprises use email encryption facility for the protection of their confidential business emails. Many small and large enterprises said that implementing sophisticated IT solutions is out of their budget.

 To deal with this situation, Microsoft has announced the addition of several security features, particularly in MS 365 Business version. With these security features, businesses with not more than 300 employees can safeguard their business data and empower their employees. The business version of the latest Office productivity suite incorporates Office 365 for productivity and collaboration along with security capabilities as well as device management. These features protect business’s information on all the devices users use for work.

According to the officials, the company is further adding new means to ensure the protection of the data against the virus attacks such as ransomware, phishing scams and unintentional leak. All these problems cause a business to face a number of issues such as losing the customer trust as well as finances. With this new MS Office 365 update, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Complete scanning of the attachments and the ability to detect and discard dangerous message with AI-powered analysis
  2. Auto-scanning of the URLs in the email to analyze whether they are safe to be downloaded or not
  3. Full protection of the device to prevent it from virus infections and other malicious activities

Data leaks prevention

To help the businesses protect their sensitive information and business data, Microsoft has added the below-mentioned capabilities to their 365 business edition:

  1. Strict policies to figure out, monitor, and ultimately, protect confidential information such as credit card details and social security number
  2. Complete protection of your sensitive data received and sent via Outlook. This has been made possible by allowing the employees and the receivers set various encryption techniques
  3. The feature of email archiving along with the preservation policies to make sure that the data or the sensitive information is correctly retained with complete backup
  4. The feature to help the users implement Bit Locker device encryption on all the devices using Windows operating system

In addition to the aforementioned features, all-inclusive security with one subscription is also possible with this new update of Office 365 business. So, get the office setup 365 now to ensure your data is safe, your information is secure, and your business is protected from all kinds of virus attacks. is an independent support provider on On-Demand Remote Technical Services For Office products. Use of Office Name, logo, trademarks & Product Images is only for reference and in no way intended to suggest that Technology has any business association with Office. Office trademarks, Names, logo and Images are the property of their respective owners; disclaims any ownership in such conditions.